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1. Berlin is a small country.

2. Tuesday is the fourth day of the week.

3. We eat breakfast in the evening.

4. A rabbit has a long tail.

5. A mouse is a big animal.

6. Knives and forks are often made of metal.

7. People are happy when they sleep badly.

8. It’s necessary to pay when we buy something in a shop.

9. It’s easy to drive on a foggy day.

10. Children are often afraid of spiders.

11. Am I ___ the window?

12. ___ like your town?

13. The girl often ___ Chinese food.

14. Are there ___ students in the classroom?

15. My daughter can ___ a bike.

16. A train is ___ than a car.

17. The police officer will ___ table tennis tomorrow.

18. ___ you at school yesterday?

19. When ___ World War Two start?

20. I will cook soup if you ___ some meat and vegetables.

21. A horse is stronger than an elephant.

22. Diet and exercise are important if you want to be healthy.

23. We wouldn't be in danger if this building were in flames.

24. People can change the laws of nature.

25. Kind people have a lot of enemies.

26. When you want to buy something, it's good to compare different products before choosing one.

27. Employees are never under stress before an appointment with their manager.

28. It's very risky to install anti-virus softwear on an important device.

29. We can see the lightning sooner than we can hear the thunder during a thunderstorm.

30. It's usually more expensive to buy a return ticket than two single tickets.

31. I have ___ to New York twice.

32. If you ___ me a thousand pounds, I would be happy.

33. She may ___ everything.

34. You can't buy many things if you have too ___ money.

35. She finds it difficult to express ___ because of emotions.

36. My parents were ___ the flat on Saturday evening.

37. Purses are ___ of leather.

38. My wife got angry because I forgot ___ her car to the garage.

39. Al letters should ___ signed by the manager.

40. The president's plane ___ taking off tomorrow at noon.

41. A cook should have an excellent sense of smell and taste.

42. When you do physical exercise, your pulse never increases.

43. People need to gain strenght after an illness.

44. You should never sign a contract before reading it carefully.

45. If you aren't able to squeeze into your clothes, it means that you've lost some weight.

46. Accountants need to understand all the key financial figures.

47. Under no circumstances should anyone enter the scene of a crime until the police work is finished.

48. People wear a false beard or a false moustache when they want to be recognised.

49. Jewellery shops need to take special security measures against robberies.

50. Curious people often put their noses into matters that don't concern them.

51. Is she a princess? ___

52. Let's ___ discuss that awesome tape.

53. She doesn't come here often, ___ ?

54. My daughter ___ have longer hair when she was younger.

55. Children had better ___ to bed early.

56. We had our flat ___ last year.

57. Parents sometimes make their children ___ things that they don

58. People had to get used to ___ online during the 2020 lockdowns.

59. The guest is ___ interviewed at the moment.

60. A 10 percent salary increase has been ___ to Henry.

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